Excel 2007 - Cannot start the source application for this object

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I have 2 - computers one a Windows 7 Ultimate and one a Windows XP both have all the latest updates.

Both have installed Office 2007 Small Office and Adobe Pro 9.

I can embed PDF's into Excel with out a problems on both computers... I can open all embedded files once, when I try to open them all a 2nd time I get the following error "Adobe 9 has encountered a error and then"  " Cannot Start the same application for the Object"

I can use these same 2 computers and embed totally different PDF's without any problems.. When I add the files that need to be embedded I get the same above error message.

I have tried logging in as different domain users on these same computers with the same result.

I have asked other users to embed the same PDF's on their computer and they do not have problems with it.

I have uninstalled ADobe and office and get the same result.

I have tried moving the PDF's to a different location as well same result.

I have disabled all Office 2007 add-ins same reseult.

I have exhausted all steps that I can think off.  I have tried a couple KB article steps and still nothing is fixing.

PLease advsie.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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We have the same configurations and I could not replicate your issue.

How much total memory do you have?
How much is free?
(I tried this on a machine with 3GB RAM, and again I was able to open the PDF multiple times without issue)
I.T. Manager
4 gigs ram.

I found this and told users to copy instead of SAVE AS and it works... but this is just a work around.

GorapsI.T. Manager


My answer was the answer that fixed the problem.

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