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We have just installed Office 2010 to a few users in a testing environment.  Is there a way we can create a office tool bar to be place on the desktop like earlier versions of office?  We are moving from Office 2000 to Office 2010.  This is just one complaint we are receiving.  We are using windows XP Pro.  Thanks in advance!
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What about putting the icons in the Quick Launch toolbar?


That is how I have it set up now.  We have high maintenance users that do not want to change.  I just wanted to be able to accommodate them.  I didn't know if there was a third party app that could do this for me.

Do you mean a toolbar with the Office programs in them, like Word, Excel etc?

If so, then yes. You can make a folder (call it officetoolbar or something like that) either on the PC or even a shared location on a server. Put the shortcuts of the office programs in that folder.
Right click on the toolbar in XP - (make sure it is unlocked) and add toolbar. Navigate to your folder of shortcuts.
You can then drag the new toolbar right onto the desktop.
Here's a third party application that should work:

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