Webpage within a web page using classic ASP

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Hi folks, Im in the process of converting an Access database with forms to a SQL database using a web front end, as there is a lot of VBA code used within the access db so I figured it would be simpler to use classic ASP rather than .net.  In the access db there is a lot of sub forms  (a form within a form) where the data is dependent on what the user has entered in the master form. Using classic ASP can I create a webpage within a webpage? Iv searched the web but can only find references to using .NET.

So in short can I create webpages within a web page using classic ASP? Does anyone have any example of code if this is possible?  
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Shaun KlineLead Software Engineer

You can use include files, basically ASP pages that use inc as an extension.
Shaun KlineLead Software Engineer

Here's an example that uses .asp files as the include:
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Access "forms" dont' necessarily translate to web "pages". Within a web page, you could use DIV elements (or IFRAME elements) for each Access "form" and "subform".

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A webpage is by itself unique, meaning only one set of HTML base tags is permitted to be used.  Anything else except this W3C requirement, provided that respects the W3C rules is valid and therefore possible to use.

To be more precise, you can use pretty much everything that involves including code residing on other pages (include directives), or simply loading them via different methods such as iframes.

To answer your question you cannot define a webpage inside another webpage, unless you somehow load the second webpage through different methods, which is not the same as defining it inside the first one.

What you can do is define sections of the page and load them accordingly or load them as a separate webpage accessible via the current one.

Good luck,
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Ultra_Master: Isn't that what I said?
You said: <<Access "forms" dont' NECESSARILY translate to web "pages". >>
They never translate to web pages by their own, thereby your phrase increases the abstraction level and implies a wrong overview of the web pages concept interpretation.

Even if some browser may accept a raw code without proper integration and interpret it this is bad habit and should never be used in production stage.

Don't take me wrong but this is all about presenting information the right way in order to help the poster and not trying to improvise.

The second half of your comment is true and I have supported it in my answer.

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No worries - glad to help.

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