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I would like to change the account that the sends out the messages for the quotas.  Currently it is my account that sends out the and that is not the correct account.  Is there a place to change it in the File Server Resource Manager or in the Quota Manager?
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open the server manager
go to roles
go to file services
go to share and storage management
right click on file server resource manager to open the options

change the settings you want. For you that might be the default from email address
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To configure e-mail notifications:            

On the E-mail Message tab, set the following options:               To notify administrators when a threshold is reached, select the Send e-mail to the following administrators check box, and then enter the names of the administrative accounts that will receive the notifications. Use the format account@domain, and use semicolons to separate multiple accounts.  

Can you remove yourself here?

 To send e-mail to the person who saved the file that reached the quota threshold, select the Send e-mail to the user who exceeded the threshold check box.

 To configure the message, edit the default subject line and message body  that are provided. The text that is in brackets inserts variable  information about the quota event that caused the notification. For  example, the [Source Io Owner] variable inserts the  name of the user who saved the file that reached the quota threshold. To  insert additional variables in the text, click Insert Variable.

 To configure additional headers (including From, Cc, Bcc, and Reply-to), click Additional E-mail Headers.

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Also is there a way to customize the response email and the amount of times that it gets sent out.
check the second tab , "Notification Limits"

see my first comment on howto achieve what you origanely requested




The comments have resolved my issue!  Great Response time.

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