How can I make a ServiceController fully-trusted and "run as administrator

I've written a (.net 4.0) windows service and service monitor program. For the monitor to work properly on windows 7 and vista it needs to be "fully-trusted' and compatibility needs to be set as "Run this program as administrator".

How can I set the trust level and the compatibility either in code or during setup. I will not have any access to the PC the service is loaded on so doing anything manually after the install is not an options.

Bob HoffmanDeveloperAsked:
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By default only Administrators and LocalSystem has the access rights required to (Start/Stop/Pause) services. There is a couple of options to consider.
Create a service that runs under (LocalSystem) that is responsible for (Starting/Stopping/Pausing) the worker services required. Since local users have QUERY_STATUS access right your GUI application can always query if the monitor service is running but when it needs to actually (Start/Stop/Pause) that service you can issue a custom command to the monitor service that would do that for you(permission granted). You may be thinking well what is the point of another service? Well the monitor service is a critical dependancy that ensures all your work services are set in motion and running properly. If your GUI controller determines that the monitor service itslef isn't running you must inform the user it's a requirment for the application to run properly and it should be enabled manually with the administrative account.

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Bob HoffmanDeveloperAuthor Commented:
I like that approach, I'll let you know in a day or so if it worked. Thanks
Bob HoffmanDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Worked like a charm! Great way to get around the security issues. Thanks for the help!
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