Event ID 8026 every minute on Exchange Server 2003

First time poster. I have read at least a dozen other posts about similar issues but nothing really describes my issue exactly. And none of those solutions have worked. So here goes:

Came into work today and I hear 3 people are having some odd issue. I check it out: they cannot get to mapped drives. When they try an error message comes up: Target account name is incorrect. At first I paniced and thought the server was down.
It is not and 30 other people have no problem.
After spending a lot of time poking around my main DC/File Server I log into our Exchange server.
Environment: File server, the DC (server1). One Exchange server (server2). One Dev server. All 2003 - Standard)
In the Exchange logs I get these every minute:

Computer: Mail Server
Source: MSExchangeAL
Category: LDAP Operations
Event id: 8026
Description: LDAP bind was unsuccessful on directory SERVER1.DOMAIN.LOCAL for distinguished name ". Directory returned error: [0x52] Local Error. DC=DOMAIN,DC=LOCAL

Everything else seems fine. Email is flowing fine. Those that can map drives are having zero issues.

I've checked many of the solutions but most of them point to some major change that has occurred like demoting a DC or the Exchange box pointing to a server that no longer exists or a time difference between the 2 or or or.
Nothing has been changed recently on either server. This message started at 6:45am.

Appreciate any help. Let me know if you need more info.

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SonicASaurusAuthor Commented:
This could be related eh?
Just found this event in SERVER1 log from around midnight last night:

Event ID: 1404
The Local Domain controller is now the intersite topology generator and has assumed responsibility for generating and maintaining intersite replication topologies for this site.

SonicASaurusAuthor Commented:
More info: Apparently this is a Replication issue.

repadmin /showrepl  on Server1: Success
repadmin /showrepl on Server2: Error "The target principal name is incorrect"
repadmin /showrepl on Dev server: success

One workstation was restarted and magically works now. Restarted a few others, all but one are working now. Errors continue in Event Log. Apparently Server2 has not replicated AD with Server1 in some time.

SonicASaurusAuthor Commented:
More information:

Workstations are fine now but event logs still showing odd things. It's almost as if the BDC cannot talk to the PDC. Which I don't quite understand because AD looks the same on both boxes.

I try a REPADMIN /SYNCLL and it fails with "target name is incorrect".
Tried resetting the Kerberos password last night. It seemed to work but errors persist. Maybe these errora will be more helpful:

Event ID: 1308
The KCC has detected that successive attempts to replicate with Serrver1 has consistently failed.
Just got this a few minutes ago.

Source: NTDS Replication
Event ID: 2042
It has been too long since this machine has replicated with the named source. The time between replications has exceeded the tombstone lifetime. Replication has been stopped.

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Shreedhar EtteTechnical ManagerCommented:

Does all the Servers are Domain Conteollers?

Which server hold role of Global Catalogue server?

On Which Server you got te Event Id 2042

SonicASaurusAuthor Commented:
Both servers are DC's.

Server1 is the GC.
Server2 is throwing the errors.

I am going to try to DCPROMO the server and then re-add it.

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SonicASaurusAuthor Commented:
DCPROMO -forceremoval and then redoing DCPROMO to add it back did the trick.

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