Failover Virtual Networks in Hyper-V R2

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I have used VMWare in the past for virtual environments however I have started to look into Hyper-V R2. What I am looking for is somewhere in hyper-v to add additional nic's to my newly created virtual network. In ESX if I created a new VM network I could assign multiple physical nic's to my newly created virtual network thus giving me redundancy if any of the nic's failed. In Hyper-V it only allows me to add 1 nic to 1 virtual network which is horrible as I have no redundancy on the virtual network if the nic fails and I also have multiple virtual networks when I only want 1 or 2 at most!

If there is a fix for this please let me in on the secret!

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In the hyper-V this is what happens,
While creating Virtual Networks of type External, You need to bind the Network to a physical NIC. You can only bind one external network to one Physical NIC.
When you select a physical NIC for use by Hyper-V, the host to takes down the current physical network interface and hand it over to Hyper-V to use as a virtual network "switch". Hyper-V removes all bindings from the NIC and binds the Microsoft Virtual Network Switch Protocol to that NIC, turning that into a virtual network switch. So in (virtual) reality it makes a (virtual) switch rather then a network.

As part of the default configuration, when you make an external network (switch), there is a check box saying "Allow management operating system to share this network adapter", this creates a new virtual network interface that connects to the virtual network switch. This is similar to a VM, where you assign a vNIC to the VM and connect it to a vSwitch, similary a vNIC is made for the Host and connected to the vSwitch. If you wish not to use this switch for Host Management Purposes you can simply uncheck the box during or after the creation of the virtual Network (vSwitch).

If you want to configure redundancy you can team the pNICs and then use the teamed NIC as the external Switch.

Hope that makes some sense.


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