I'm using Adobe LiveCycle Designer and want to know how to edit a script

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I am using Adobe LiveCycle Designer on Windows XP. I have copied some subform questions from another form and pasted them into the form I am creating. However, some of the question and page numbers are not correct after I paste the subforms/scripts from the other form. When I go into the script editor, it seems that I cannot edit the text in the scripting window. Can someone tell me how I can edit
the text in the scripting window in the new form?
Any help would be appreciated.
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This should point you in the right direction.

If you create a form in the Designer, you must edit that form in the Designer.  You cannot edit the form fields in Acrobat. Double clicking over the target area should put you in Edit mode in the Designer.  The link below should provide an example.



I am editing in Designer. The problem is that when I select an object and look at its script in the script editing window,
I am not able to change the script. When I try to change (edit) any part of the script, I just get a beep from my computer
and am not allowed to change anything.

Make sure you are in the script editor,  Info on how to access the script editor is shown in the link below:
Can you post a sample document that shows this problem?

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