Link not clickable in div in IE - works in firefox

I am having trouble with a link within a div in IE (works fine in Firefox).

The page is:

Make a selection of an answer, and a div pops up.  There is a link within this, that can be clicked in FF, but not IE.

I thought the problem was due to another div floating above the 'did you know' div, but I can't see anything that might be doing this.  

I use Firebug on Firefox, and this shows me all the divs appear as they should do.  But it doesn't work in IE.

If anybody can tell me how to fix this I'd really appreciate it!


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Are you talking about the "letters" in the buttom, the "A", "B", "C", etc.?
You have 132 css errors and 11 html errors. I suggest fixing these errors first to help you narrow down the problem:

freestateAuthor Commented:
No - sorry, it's not clear.  If you click on one of the letters (A etc.) then a new 'Did you know' div pops up.

There is a link within this div (you can see the URL), which is clickable in Firefox, but not in IE.

With regards the CSS errors - these are actually all being generated by the Jquery UI and Fancybox stylesheets
which are a standard deployment that has worked for me on a ton of other sites, and in no way related to the question.  

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freestateAuthor Commented:
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
In IE, you're running some conditional Javascript code to add DXImageTransform effects. This, it seems, is what's messing it up.

Having had a quick look through your code, it looks as if you're adding this scripting to support PNG images for IE. As far as I'm aware (and I could be wrong) but it's only a problem in IE6 and below.

My advice, seriously, is to forget about supporting IE6 and move on. Remove that scripting and your site should work fine with PNG images across all the major, modern browsers.

If you have a really, really good reason to support IE6, then you could look around for alternative methods of PNG support, drop your PNGs altogether or accept the fact your site is going to be 'hacky' at best !

Hope that helps.

freestateAuthor Commented:
Thanks - which script is this happening in?  To be honest, a lot of these are just 'off-the-peg' scripts I've downloaded, and so there's no intention to be doing thisfor IE6! (Agree with you on that point - if I could, I wouldn't support IE at all!)
freestateAuthor Commented:
Ignore me - I've seen what you mean...

Problem is that this is actually needed for things to display properly in IE8 too - I've turned off the bit that applies - which does fix the link, you're right.

However, it also makes it look real ugly.  Is there some other method of achieving what I need without using this conditional JS then?

Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
I'm not too familiar with jQuery, but for the most part, the conditional script looks like it just sets various CSS styles - the top and bottom border of #hint and the background colour of #hint_panel, #hint_top and #hint_base.

You could try removing that part of the script and formatting the layout using CSS. Not really sure why you're having to do these CSS changes with a script - maybe a conditional CSS statement might be a better way to go.

You may also want to post this question in the jQuery zone, as that seems to be the cause of your problem.

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freestateAuthor Commented:
In the end I've just dropped the transparent PNGs for IE, and used a border on the div instead.

Not worth the hassle to investigate further - thanks for the nudge in the right direction though...
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