Bulk email and/or SMS send with white listed servers

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I am looking for a company that provides bulk email and/or SMS send (for a cost of course)  I have these requirements however:

1.  MUST have mainly white listed servers so deliverability is good
2.  MUST not be http://www.campaignmonitor.com
3.  MUST provide either a web service or HTTP POST API
4.  MUST provide decent delivery reports for each bulk submitted and report accessible via option 3 above

Email is the main requirement.  I can also deal with 2 companies 1 for email and 1 for SMS

Thank you
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The ones that I have worked with companies in the past to setup or user that I would recommend are:

https://www.icontact.com (Although I am not sure of the HTTP option on this one.)

Also, I am not sure about the SMS, but a quick phone call to a friend that does marketing messaging to tons of clients recommended this:


Hope it helps


Unfortunately none of the above is good.  They are either PC based, or web based but not programmable.  What I am after is an programmable interface.  Something that allows me to pass a list of emails or mobiloe numbers and a text msg or html content and then eother sms it or email it.  Something that later on allows me to query the delivery status of the bulk send so that I get something like 21 emails sent, 19 bounced or 33 SMS send 18 failed etc.  I am building the interface for our client to use to insert data and contacts lists so I need the final components that will do the "delivering"

Is that better explanation?

So you are building an interface for a client you have that which will input their data into your program which in turn actually makes SMTP or SMS call to a provided service that actually sends them messages with reporting capabilities.  I will definitely follow this thread.  That sounds like a very interesting service and haven't ever heard of anything like being offered.  Sorry I couldn't help more and good luck in your search!
This company does what I want and we are now negotiating with them on the cost of delivering SMS and email.  Everything is programmable.  You send them a list of contacts then a file (text, html, pdf) and whether or not you want email, sms, fax.  You can even send voice messages = though I admit I have no idea how that works.  The interface they provide is SOAP based.  I will be using C# to integrate with them


mooodiecr, how that helps you.

I will closing question and accepting my own asnwer :-)


I answered my own question

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