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Is there a 3rd party addon or a way using Outlook 2010 to make a user enter a password before entering a certain profile in Outlook 2010?

We have three profiles for Outlook 2010 but only one needs to be password protected.
I already password protected the PST data file, but I would like to prevent unauthorized reading of emails from within Outlook 2010.
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you could leave the password field blank on the profile, and then the system would prompt you everytime you wanted to connect to the mail server, and if the PST itself is password protected then that should prevent them from reading the existing mail...  assuming this isn't an exchange environment.



"You could leave the password field blank on the profile"
I am using Windows 7 Profession and Outlook 2010.
I don't see a password field for the profiles.
That is the problen.
Currently, anyone using the computer can access any of the emails by starting outlook.
Any other ideas?
what is your email environment?  are you using exchange?  IMAP? Pop3?
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As for the password field -- I assume that each profile has an account set up that accesses some email server.  If you set the password field as blank under the account information in each profile, it should prompt you for the password information when it goes to download the mail.  If you are in an exchange environment, you have an offline version of your mailbox in an OST format,which can't be password protected.  If you are in an IMAP/POP3 environment, you download to a PST folder, which I believe CAN be.   The only workaround for this that you might try is using EFS to encrypt the OST file, but I haven't tried it, so YMMV.

Outlook relies on the computer login to provide security, so this question comes across somewhat like, I've let the burgler into my house, how do I keep him from stealing my stuff?  It might be better to use different logins on the computer and use the Switch User feature to toggle between them, or use Outlook Web Access to maintain the account security.



I have the windows 7 login screen enabled, but the computer has to be inactive for 10 minutes. I have  password protected the PST file it does ask for the password after you have booted the computer up, but I would rather it ask for the password each time you restart Outlook 2010.
In other words if I walk away from my computer I close Outlook, but you can restart it without typing the PST password because the computer was not rebooted.
I think Outlook Express could be setup so that you can to enter a password each time you started the program and selected a certain profile.
Does the computer not ask you for a password when you boot up windows?  Typically, if you have separate user accounts, windows will prompt you as to which user to log in as.  Put a password there, and then set up outlook under each profile so only the authorized user will see the email.  Windows 7 will protect the directory security so that other users can't get to the PST/OST files.

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