IBM3850 M1 & QLA2460

We have a number of IBM3850-M1 with QLA2460. All bar one are working fine booting off the SAN adapter apart from one. This broken one has been working and then failed on a reboot. Unfortunately the person who fixed it last time, can't remember what he did to fix it (we think he got lucky ;-)). The server boots fine off its local raid disk with "Rehook INT 19h" disabled in the bios. When we try to bring the SAN back in it seems to go out and try to do a network boot but, then just sits there with blank screen and flashing cursor. Any tips in debugging this issue gratefully received.
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Probably simple LUN mapping/masking.   There is a java app on qlogic website that lets you configure the LUN ID (you want it set to zero for booting), as well as masking, so that only certain HBAs can even see it.  

(I assume you also enabled BIOS in the HBA, and told it what disk to boot)

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kgeddesAuthor Commented:
cheers dlethe .. will give it a go work tomorrow.
If this is on a true SAN, i.e. you have a switch like a brocade in the middle, then you also want to make sure the zoning is set up in the switch, so that the HBA port in the PC and the LUNs on the SAN all belong to the same zone.    Either the switch or the HBA can prevent it from being "seen".
kgeddesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help dlethe. Going to close this one since this issue has gone on the back burner and it may be some time before we gain access to it again but, I'm sure your fixes will be in the zone, cheers.
kgeddesAuthor Commented:
closing assuming fix good, unable to progess fault at this stage thus giving the credit.
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