How to synchronize user’s desktop, my documents and Appdata folders with the profile server storage?

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Hi Experts,
I apply re-directing GPO to store the user’s My Documents, Desktop, and Application Data folders on a network profile server, which is running on a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain.
Now, I try to put these three folders back on user’s local drive (C: drive) but still keep their copies on the profile server for the backup purpose.
Do you have any advice for that? How to sync the local folders with profile server and  set the path to profile server?
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2 sugestions:
User rights, try to give full and exclusive rights to the defined user & 2nd, did you remove the "roaming profile" entry at the user object in Active Directory?:

Either you just delete the entry in AD:

Open Active Directory Users and Computers.
Click the domain and the OU where the user account resides.
Right-click the appropriate user account for which to set a roaming profile, and then click Properties.
Click the Profile tab, and remove the profile path information in Profile path (for example \\Server\ShareName\UserName).

You can prevent computers from receiving roaming profiles by enabling the Only allow local user profiles  policy setting, which blocks roaming profiles from being used on a computer. By default, when roaming profile users log on to a computer, the user’s roaming profile is copied to the local computer. If the user has previously logged on to this computer, the roaming profile is merged with the local profile. Similarly, when the user logs off from this computer, the local copy of the profile, including any changes the user made, is merged with the server copy of the profile.

more of this topic:


Thanks, windl.
I want to keep the local user profile and have copies of My Documents (excluding My Music & My Pictures), Application Data and Desktop folders on the server shared folder for backup.
However, I got the whole profile files on the server side (see roamingfile1.jpg) though I set the Exclude directories in roaming profile in the User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles (see roamingfile2.jpg).
Do you have any ideas?

1) Check that the GPO is being applied by running gpresult /R while logged in as a user this GPO is being applied to.

Maybe you linked this GPO to the Computers OU and not to Users OU.
This GPO will on Computers, when you only make changes to the Users config section!

3) at this blog post, it explains how you can check to see if the settings have been passed to the client.

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