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I have one user where we cannot get her Outlook calendar to be shared.  Workstation is Windows XP SP3, Outlook 2003.  Server is Windows 2003 Server standard with Exchange 2003.  The user's Outlook sidebar does not show "share my calendar".  Permissions have been set in the Calendar folder properties.  In addition to other users not being able to access her shared calendar, I as administrator cannot view the one user's calendar thru Open Other Users Folder, I get the message "Unable to display the folder.  The Calendar folder cannot be found".

Things I have tried  - removed and reinstalled profile; removed and reinstalled Outlook; checked for .ost & .pst files (there were none); we do not use cached mode; started Outlook with the resetfolders option.  When I create a profile for this user on my computer and go into Outlook as her, I still am not able to see the "share my calendar" option and resetting Permissions has not helped.

Since it appears that this is not an issue on the user's workstation, I suspect it is something corrupt with her calendar folder within Exchange but do not know how to troubleshoot and/or fix the problem.

There is nothing in the user's calendar that needs to be saved.  Is it possible to delete and recreate that folder within her Exchange mailbox?  Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.
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I would just create a new account for them, as you've suggested.  

This article seems to suggest that permissions can be corrupted if you're running an antivirus scan on the server on certain Exchange files:


So you might want to check that out to avoid future corruption.  Good luck!


Thalarctos - create a new account for the user within AD on the mail server and recreate her mailbox within Exchange?  By doing that, the user will lose all her messages & contacts, right?  I was hoping there was a way to clear her corrupt calendar folder within messing up her Inbox/Contacts/etc.

I will double-check my antivirus scanning but am pretty sure that all the appropriate Exchange folders have been excluded.
You can export her messages and contacts before creating the new account (save to files on her local hard drive), then import them later.  I believe you can export all messages and contacts, so you won't miss anything.  I wouldn't delete her old account, create a new one and see if the export/import works properly, then after a month or so of no complaints, delete her old account. Just to be safe. :)

Note: I would try just deleting and recreating her mailbox first, not deleting and creating her whole AD account, which might cause other issues.


Worked!  Thanks much for the help.

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