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I am having some problems with IE8 and a web domain on localhost.
If I open http://localhost/localstart.asp in IE the page opens correctly

If I open a page http://localhost:8080/mydir/index.a5w the page fails with an error
500 Internal Server Error
The server encountered a fatal error processing this request and could not continue.

I can open http://localhost:8080/mydir/index.a5w in Firefox and Safari without problems.

The domain used to run OK in IE8

The .a5w pages are running with the Alpha5 V10 server.

Does anyone know how I can get IE8 running with this server again please? IE8 runs normally otherwise.

Thank you
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try reinstalling the application , also check if ASP permission is allowed for that APP .



I have reinstalled Alpha5 already.

Would you please explain

" also check if ASP permission is allowed for that APP "

Thanks adiloadilo
I don't thinks either above is the problem -- it is simply a matter of the path you are specifying.  IE8 has known problems with PATHS to files on local IIS servers.

Why do you need to use different addressing schemes for the same local path.  Why can't you use the one that works?  Is this just curiosity?  Remember, you are fighting IE BUGS here, ones you wont solve.


Thanks scrathcyboy
After two months of having the problem with the Alpha5 Preview being unable to open a file in IE suddenly yesterday the problem vanished and its working again.
I have no idea why this should be, however I am of course very pleased!
Maybe one of the unsolvable bugs!


Thanks for the help.
Problem disappeared

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