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I know how everyone feels about shared workbooks but is there a way to use shared workbooks via sharepoint? We are looking for a temporary solution just to get us by until we can get everything converted over into sharepoint lists. Any ideas??
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You have three options -maybe more- on how you can implement Shared workbooks in Sharepoint depending on your requirements. can use Excel Services to share data while maintaining one version of the workbook.A can save a workbook to the server so that other users can access all or parts of it in a browser.
-you'll need MOSS to run excel services and an enterprise licence.
-Excel services only works with MS office 2007 and MS Office 2010(doesnt work with MS office 2003)


2.Collaborating on workbooks stored on a document management server.
When you want to make one or more workbooks available for collaboration in a central location, you can save them to a document management server(such as Windows SharePoint Services 3.0). A document management server enables you to use document management features, such as automated workflows and shared document libraries, to check in and check out documents. Additionally, if you have Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, you can save your document to a shared workspace to make it even easier for other users to collaborate on the document and to keep your local copy of the workbook synchronized with changes from the server.

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3.Creating a Document Workspace site with Windows SharePoint Services
If you want to share your workbook on a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site and allow other users to easily collaborate on it while you keep a local copy of the workbook synchronized with changes, you can create and use a Document Workspace site.

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