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I want to replace the motherboard, memory & processor in my wife's computer.  She's currently running Windows 7.  I want to swap out the parts and have it boot up normally, preserving all data & settings.  Windows 7 (and Vista) are supposed to be HAL independant, so this should work, provided I've got the drivers.  

I installed the chipset and disk controller drivers from the new motherboard, shut down the computer and then swapped out the parts, and the computer blue screened with a STOP 0x0000007B, stating "INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE".  So I interpret this as missing a driver.  I fire up a custom Windows PE CD, and use DISM to inject all the drivers (/recurse) from the new motherboard's DVD onto the exisitng installation.  Reboot and it still blue screens with the same error.  I try safe mode and it blue screens there as well.  I go back into PE and run bootrec /fixboot and bootrec /fixmbr and that didn't work.  I tried bootrec /rebuildbcd.  No dice.  I've edited the boot records to enable logging and the detecthal flags and that doesn't help either.  Annoyingly, even though logging is enabled, the ntbtlog.txt file is not being created in the windows directory of the machine.  I've mounted the SYSTEM hive in regedit under PE, and looked to see if there were any 3rd party filters being loaded and there aren't.  Finally, I hooked up an external hard drive, ran imagex to create an image of my wife's hard drive, injected the drivers into the image file, and then reapplied the new image back onto my wife's machine and I'm still getting the same blue screen.

While I could swap the motherboard back and run the easy transfer wizard to preserve most of her settings, I really want to avoid having to spend all day reinstalling all the software she has on her machine.

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Had what I needed.  Modified the registry offline using Windows PE.

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