FoxPro 2.5 and Windows 7

We have an application that we use on a daily basis that runs on FoxPro 2.5;  We own it but the developer is long gone..  

We had to replace the XP Pro PC it was running on.  We were advised the XP is going away, but Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) with Virtual PC / XP mode would work fine.  It does kind of...

The batch file is set to run FOXR.EXE \prg\menu -t  
When we execute the program we just get a momentary black screen and then it goes back to the desktop.  No error messages.

When we modify the batch file to run with FOXPROL or FOXPROX, it does run, but when the program starts we get the error message - Numeric overflow <data was lost>.  We tell it to ignore and it "appears" to work.

Not sure if these 2 issues are related or not, but we would like to
A) get program to run as designed using FOXR. EXE
B) no error messages.

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Interesting you were advised the XP is going away but the fact FoxPro 2.5 is already gone did not affect your software selection decisions...

The Numeric overflow would point to the "Fast CPU" error which is known in FoxPro for a long time. A patch exists for FoxPro 2.6a to fix this error (which you cannot apply).

FOXR probably reports different error. Try to run it from CMD.EXE in your Virtual XP installation to see the error.

You may try following:

1) TameDOS ( which is not available for W7/64 but you may try it in your Virtual XP

2) Upgrade to FoxPro 2.6a, apply the "Divide by zero" patch and test your app.

3) Upgrade to Visual FoxPro - this solution will give you another 10 years of successfull application run (the application must be upgraded, of course)

BTW, do you have source code?
CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
My advice goes in parallel with pcelba's:

1) If not FoxPro For DOS Upgrade FoxPro For Windows 2.5 to FoxPro For Windows 2.6 which is still 16-bit and won't run in 64-bit
2) Upgrade to Visual FoxPro if the application is small. It's a good small investment that makes your application good for at least 10 years
3) Install a Virtual Machine and don't touch anything on the program. This will guarantee your program will run forever. I have my ATARI games from early 80s running perfectly on Virtual Machines :-)
For Fox 2.5 you would need to run DZPatch.exe ( ) to address the  "Divide by zero"/"Fast CPU" issue

Patch26.exe is the other program for this problem but it is for Foxpro 2.6

When you say "an application that we use on a daily basis" it sounds as though this is a business critical application.  If so, then I agree with Pavel above, perhaps it is time to consider upgrading to Visual Foxpro.  

However if you MUST stay with the old non-Visual Foxpro and want to consider this minor upgrade as suggested above, you might find be able to find Foxpro 2.6 as "Abandonware" at:

Also since you say "We own it but the developer is long gone.. ", you might want to consider purchasing ReFox ( ) so that you can re-create the source code to support any future Upgrades/Modifications/Enhancements that you might want to do.

NOTE - I have no financial interest in ReFox & the download files on Dave Summers site are Free.

Good Luck

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kwickAuthor Commented:

Question.  If we upgrade to Visual Foxpro, will we be required to do code modifications?  

I looked for an eval copy of visual foxpro, but unable to locate.   Do you know of any available?
The probability of NO code modifications when upgrading from FoxPro/DOS to VFP is almost zero... Many screens will look ugly, some commands are not fully supported already, reports will not work. Everything depends on your today's application complexity. A theoretical possibility of conversion from DOS to FoxPro/Windows by Transprt.PRG application exists (included in FoxPro 2.5). Such transported application could work under VFP but you cannot assume perfect functionality. The best thing is to use some existing app framework and rewrite the app.

VFP has no evaluation version available but you may find the full version on MSDN subscription CDs or as a boxed product.
The old DOS version code which supported things like Screens/Forms & Menus would typically be modified to utilize VFP's Forms & Menus and the Reports would generally be re-done using VFP's Report Forms.

However general executable code (code not used to GET/SAY for Screens & Menus, etc.) could execute 'as is'.

So an upgrade, while not totally painless, can be not too difficult.

However, many individuals use the prospect of an upgrade as an opportunity to examine the code, its efficiency, the level of normalization of the data, the availability of 'hooks' to support future enhancements, etc.   When that examination is done, a number of those individuals elect to do more than a little re-design of the application prior to the upgrade.   However that would be an elective choice - not REQUIRED.

If you were to consider an upgrade to VFP, you might want to look over the free VFP tutorial videos at:
 And we are here to assist you with specific questions.
Good Luck
kwickAuthor Commented:
Running from the DOS prompt. (almost forgot about that useful tool)..
Tried DZpatch, but it says "I did not find anything to patch"

Also, just ran FOXR from the command prompt.   There error message is Cannot locate the Desired version of Foxpro..

It means the FoxPro support library isn't on the path. What *.ESL and *.ESO files are available in the same folder where FOXR.EXE is placed?

"it says 'I did not find anything to patch'"

Repeating the directions listed on Dave Summers website for using   DZPatch.exe  ....

All it takes to run it is to put it in the directory where FOXPROW.EXE or FOX?????.ESL is.    
Then, AFTER MAKING A BACKUP, from a command window in that same directory, execute the command DZPATCH FOXPROW.EXE and DZPATCH FOXW2500.ESL (or whatever version of esl file you are using).

Is that how you you did it?

NOTE - It has been a LONG time since I had to do this, but somewhere WAY back in my memory I remember (at least I THINK I remember) having to also run DZPatch on the application EXE.

The process above is intended to modify the Foxpro base programs so that when you compile NEW FP executables, they will be patched.  But if you are working on an existing FP EXE, then that too needs patching (I THINK!)

Alternatively you could also go back to Dave's website and get   IPatchFP.exe  and try that one.   The way he describes that file is...
The IPatchFP.exe download contains a version of the patch that is not version-specific, and can be applied to international versions of FoxPro for Windows for which the 2.6a version is not available.
Since the description says that it is not version specific, it might also work on FPD2.5
It is a self-extracting file.  So extract it and follow the procedures outlined in the readme
Give it a try.

Good Luck

kwickAuthor Commented:
Interesting on the not finding the .esl files.  It seems that Paths are having a bit of an issue with XP mode under windows 7.  I will copy all files into one directory and see if that resolves.  

I did get program to function using foxprox,exe...  The only issue is the window for the program is very small within virtual XP.  Anyone now how to make foxpro full screen???
CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
Some systems do not support full screen in DOS mode but you may set bigger font. Click on the Window menu in DOS window and select Properties.
kwickAuthor Commented:
Starting to think we should just downgrade the computer to XP..

When we press Alt+Enter, Virtual XP says "The video device failed to initialize for fullscreen mode".  And in virtual XP you can not alter the video settings to a lower res.

Then as an added benefit, after you get this error message and click on the Foxpro program - it closes.. No error messages, just closes.  And no - it is no longer in task manager either.
CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
On Windows 95 and 98 I used to press Alt+Enter and it used to go full screen. I think it used to do the same on my XP when the screen resolution was proportional to 80x25 characters.

I tried it on Vista which runs on very wise screen and it cannot do it.

I could only make the fonts larger. I prefer the 8x12 font size which makes it look like the original DOS mode.
The downgrade to XP seems to be the least expensive option. Upgrade to Visual FoxPro is more expensive for sure.

BTW, I've been testing the Full screen mode on Virtual PC on Vista - Alt+Enter does not report an error but instead of enlarging the DOS Window to the full screen it reduces the Virtual PC main window size... :-)

The simple DOS world is somewhere else than Windows 7 and I would say it is time to accomodate this fact. Especially when clouds are comming.
kwickAuthor Commented:
Downgraded PC to XP.  Still having issues with error message of
"Cannot locate desired version of FoxPro".

We know it is not an issue of location of files because we have veriified. In researching on the net, it is appears that it is because Foxpro does not recognize XMS memory on XP.  Several places discuss creating a config file for FP to let it know it has 3mb of XMS memory, but I can not find anywhere that tells how and where to create this file..

Anyone know?
kwickAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all of your assistance..
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