Block-level raw partition backup for Linux?

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I have RAW LVM volumes I've exported as a snapshot from a Falconstor/EMC Symmetrix virtual SAN appliance.  Upon these logical volumes are Xen virtual guest servers which are present to a backup server (Linux box with netbackup client) when we mask the SAN snapshot (timemark) LUNs to the media server.

I'd like to send these guest images (which are within a LVM logical volume) from a SAN snapshot off to Netbackup for tape archival, without converting the guest image to a file on a filesystem readable by a netbackup client .  

Whats the best way I can send the raw data from a physical volume (SAN lun) to Netbackup ?    I know its possible as the Oracle RMAN tool does this for Oracle ASM disks.. I'd like to do this with a linux native tool.

Thanks MUCH!
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You need to back up VM from within VM and oracle from within oracle to keep integrity of data.
Sure you can shut down either and dump (with dd) content of partitions.
You can check if netbackup ndmp agent is available for your SAN.

Citrix StorageLink will allow for a Continuous Data Protection configuration with memory image snapshots.  That's the only way of maintaining the integrity of a running database.  Otherwise, gheist is correct in that you will need something that is either aware of the database during the backup,  or take a cold backup of the database.

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FYI.  These guys over here gave me the best result:

Net-backup snapshot client - Flash copies.


Server fault link worked great.


This worked exactly for what we needed.

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