Small business content filter solution?

I am looking into content filter solutions for the small business network I run.  Currently there is a Cisco PIX 501 firewall in place.  I am aware this handles content filtering, but I am wondering if there is anything else out there that handles it better, is easier to use, and/or is better suited for the job.  I have looked a little into appliances from Barracuda Networks, and have recently heard about iBoss web filters.  Any recommedations/comments about devices from these vendors, or ideas about others?
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Barracuda Web filters are pretty decent, and offer fine-grained configuration and good logging, but they're not cheap. iPrism makes the St. Bernard filter, which is highly touted as one of the top web content filters.

Another solution (free) would be to point your DNS for external name resolution to OPENDNS.COM, and you can sign up for an account and apply different levels of filtering for all hosts on your network. I actually use this at a small site with about 20 employees. They have a paid option (I believe $5/per user/year) where it offers more detailed configuration:

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sonicwall has a good filter program. not to granular but it work really well and also allows you to add spacific address and websites.
Just to clarify on my above post above when pointing your DNS servers for external resolution: you do not point to the domain name OPENDNS.COM, you point to their IP addresses and Just thought I'd clarify :)
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@ vanboursoun

Haha, yeah I was looking at the website trying to find the IPs...
I use dansguardian for content filtering at our office. It is extremely customizable (and free) and can filter all kinds of content using keyword weights. It is an active filter and reads each page before it displays it, instead of relying on a blacklist that may or may not be up to date. The only downside is you need a box to use as a proxy server; I'm using an old obsolete desktop thrown away by my brother's office, running Xubuntu, and it works great. It is somewhat complicated to get set up, but its the best filter I've seen, and you can't beat the price.
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@ vanbarsoun

As far as you know about OpenDNS, are you able to open access to certain sites for specific users or IPs?  Or is it more of a block all or block none type thing?
I believe you can whitelist/blacklist specific sites or IPs, but for ALL users, not just some. The paid version(s) can however give you more control over that. Why not sign up for free and see if it can meet your needs, since you can choose to not use it anytime, and it's literally a 5-minute signup process.
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@ vanbarsoun

Yes, that is exactly what I am doing.  Thanks for the feedback and the great solution.
Dustin23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
OpenDNS is a great solution for a SMB.
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