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I have an HP dl380 server and it will not boot. it has a solid orange light on the front of the server on the power button, either power supply does not show a green light and it will not boot. I've tried everything, reating cpu, ram , drives, raid card, battery, tried removing everything and boot and nothing.
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Have you tried also to unplug mains and re-seat power supplies?
While the server is not connected to mains, try to press power button 2-3 times.
Have you tried to change power source (ups, direct connection to mains)?
If you have two power supplies and this won't help I'm afraid that is something wrong with motherboard.
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It matters what version of DL380 you have (G4, G5, ...)
Go to link here, and download the proper manual
Then download trouble shooting guide
go to the page "power on problems"

There will be a flowchart for amber LED.  Can't copy/paste it here because of copyright, but the flowchart lists things to do
most common - improperly seated power supply; loose or faulty power cord; power source problem; improperly seated component or interlock problem;

In any event the flowcharts are great and walk you through the process.

That is usually the power supply or the backplane to the powersupply


it was the power supply backplane.

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