ADVISE to use a stand-alone scanner if you do that much scanning to not waste ink in an all-in-one printer???

Hello. I have a question.

If I have an all-in-one type printer that is also an inkjet printer and I plan to scan with the printer more often than print at different times of the month, could I or will I end up using a hefty amount of ink??? This implies that this all-in-one printer is shut down and turned on at each instance or session you wish to scan and this happens very often.

Reason: We know that the inkjet printer conducts a test each time the unit is turned on. Each time, the inkjet printer ejects ink usually into some paper/felt/sponge off to one side or the other of print carriage of the printer.

Conclusion: ADVISE to use a stand-alone scanner if you do that much scanning to not waste ink in an inkjet printer???  


Please reply.

Thank you!
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keep in mind color about 40 copies bw 80 that is a approximation. i would recomend that you get a konica or immagerunner with toner instead of ink.
very annoying feature on these printers -to print / test all the time. if I were you I would either purchase a stand alone scanner or a better All-in-one printer which will be very expensive. in my conclusion the better a cheapest solution would be the stand alone scanner.  
ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:
@ for all:

Thank you for your replies.

Hello. Let me ask, how would a toner (laserjet) version all-in-one be better? I have always wondered, does a laserjet (whether b&w or color) also use discrete amounts of toner each time when you turn on the machine like an inkjet or not?    

If you recommend a stand-alone scanner, I am looking for a really good photo quality one – probably just a flatbed. Having a few bells and whistles is fine with me. Any recommendations?

Please reply.

Thank you
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How many scans do you plan to do?

I'll play the part of devils advocate here....even if it uses ink, it's going to have to do a large number of checks to make the purchase, space requirement and power usage of a separate scanner...

If the device was left on 24/7 the power usage on an ink is much lower and may be more cost effective?
An inkjet will waste ink whenever you switch it on. If you don't print at least a couple of pages per day you may find the heads get clogged, and you need to waste more ink to get them going again. However, it won't waste ink when scanning.

If you don't need a printer, I would seriously look at stand-alone scanners. The Canon range of scanners has some very low cost models. You mention photo quality. Some of the Epson and Microtek scanners will do that very well, but the really good ones are not that cheap. What is your budget?

Lasers don't use toner on switch-on, and the won't clog if not used.

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ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:
@ hdhondt & David Ingledew:

Hello. Thanks for your replies.

I figure I *scan* a lot, and that means scan 3-4 times per week. I *print* only a few times a month -- I'd say 2-3 prints a month and that is for pictures or photo quality. It doesn't matter how long I scan for, the point is how often or how many times you turn on the inkjet printer for scanning sessions, the ink will keep getting used. The amount of ink used for each test -- I do not know exactly to be honest, but *some* is being used. Maybe David Ingledew makes a case relatively speaking that not much ink is being used in each test. That is really the question. How much is used each time the printer is turned on??? Maybe it could vary with each inkjet printer manufacturer. What is the cost-to-benefit ratio of just having an all-in-one printer? Hmmm... I guess printer manufacturers figure it for the *AVERAGE USER* who would use ALL FEATURES *EQUALLY* or *EVENLY* of an ALL-IN-ONE printer that an ALL-IN-ONE is the PERFECT SCENARIO. Now, for *ME*, *PROBABLY NOT* your *AVERAGE USER* for an *ALL-IN-ONE *PERFECT CASE SCENARIO* since I use the scanner more heavily.

When I bought the all-in-one printer, I didn't know my usage habits and now I know.    

Regardless, ink isn't cheap for any brand printer, especially if your *wasting* it each time you need to JUST SCAN. I agree with hdhondt, you are using ink in an inkjet often when I am just doing more scanning than printing, in printing combination with scanning, or printing alone with an all-in-one printer.

I love Canon's image quality and Epson has some pretty loaded scanning software. I do not know too much about Microtek. Please tell me about that brand, would you? I will want to get the most band for the buck -- best value.

Please reply.

Thank you!

The amount of ink used when a printer is switched on varies from printer to printer. However, I remember a set of tests run by a magazine a couple of years ago. They looked at a number of photo printers. Under a reasonable set of parameters (things like the number of times the printer was switched off, the number of pages printed in a run, and the number of times a head had to be unclogged), they found that somewhere between 50% and 85% of the ink ended up on the page. The rest was wasted.

They also found that, if you include the photo paper, the cost of a 6 x 4 photo could be well over $1.00 (in Australia, and at that time). While those costs have come down a bit since, I can get my photos printed at a lab for AU$0.15 or less.

Microtek scanners are used by graphic artists who want very good colour accuracy, but they are not cheap. For normal use, Canon & Epson should be fine. I also noticed that they have only just become available again in the US. Have a look here:
ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:
@ hdhondt:

Thank you for your reply. I see they are *much* more expensive than Canon or Epson. Yes, I will afford either a Canon or Epson. Generally, when I have many 4x6 prints to create, I will use a commercial print store instead.  

Thank you!

ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:
No further responses. This question/thread is closed. My question was answered.

Thank everyone for their replies.  
In that case you need to accept one or more of the answers given. For more info, see:
ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:
@ hdhondt: I was just getting to that. ;-) Thank you!

Even though experts fov001 & hdhondt truly have *re-enforced* my concerns with expert facts and hdhondt states his facts with more explanation, I decided to give hdhondt the "accepted solution". Everyone else that had something to add or thought provoking ideas received "assisted solution". In terms of points, everyone gets points for their time and effort in good replies, but the "accepted solution" gets slightly more points than just evenly divided points. Everyone gets "A" grade.

Again, thank you for your replies, answers, and solutions.
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