IBM 4247 printer with an 017 communications check on the display, need help.

Eric_Sturm used Ask the Experts™
I have an IBM 4247-003 printer hooked up via Twinax to cat5 to an AS400. This printer has been installed and working for over a year. It just started to display a '017 communications check' on the display. The printer is working, but I would like to resolve this issue. Nothing has changed on the 400 as far as I know that would cause this.

I have restarted the writer. Powered the printer down and powered it back on.
I tried to download the user guide from IBM picked USA which lead me to this dead link  I Googled for the answer, no luck.

125 points for the user guide. (not the 2 page brochure)
If it other then swapping out ports then 125 for the resolution.
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Hi Eric,  

'017 communications check' on the display is a physical problem.  It has nothing to do with the iSeries.   Check your cat5 cable and your baluns.  Is it through a central star panel?  Try another port.  TX address is independant of the port on the panel as long as it stays on the same TX line.

Do you have maintenance coverage on it?  

To find the manual, google for the publication id S544-5780 as seen in your link.

The manual indicates:
This status code is automatically reset by the computer and should only appear
briefly on the display. If the printer continues to display the message, follow these
1. Power off (O) the printer.
2. Check that the cable is connected to the printer and to the computer.
3. Power on (|) the printer.
4. If the status code occurs again, call for service.

As Jon says, it is likely a cable problem. Swap known good components for bad to eliminate the problem.
There is a chance that it is the board in the printer but try the other comm components first.

Theo KouwenhovenApplication Consultant

Hi Eric,

If it's running over twinax, you can have a duplicate address on that line.

Very valid Murph.  But if that were the issue, another device on that twinax line would also be bouncing and typically you would have messages in the system log.  

Eric, do you see anything in the system logs or have any other devices with issues?  Has anything changed on the twinax "network"?



I swapped printer and cables earlier today. This did not solve the issue. I then moved the location of the cable to a different Andrew Star Intelligent Repeater. This solved the issue. Points.

Points for the manual.

Thanks to all!

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