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I have a machine that consistently gets a Just-In-Time Debugging message. After it pops up, and no matter what you press, it keeps coming back and freezes up the system. I have taken off the script debugging in IE. I have cleaned it from viruses, but it still remains. This is not a programing machine, just a simple end user PC.

Screenshot below.

Any ideas of either how to get rid of this error, what to uninstall, fix the issue?


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Just in time was originally a concept of borland -- so you are using a product on that machine that uses the Borland JIT debugger.  Go through ALL of add/remove programs to find the software using this. Uncheck the settings and say no.  Check the startup programs group for something running that should not.  Then check the browsers for PLUGINs that could link to the JIT debugger.

It will take time to track down the software linking to JIT, but it is not a virus, it is a software linking selection that has been made at some point and CAN be undone.  You just have to find it.


Changing the default debugger to drwatson resolved the issue.

Open Start>Run>Type cmd (and click ok)>Type drwtsn32 -i (and press enter)


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