How to anable POP 3 on a SBS 2003

we currently are using windows SBS 2003 and exchange to handle all our users email. I have one user who receives email on her phone using active sync as well as in the office on Outlook. This is all working fine. However, a need has come up where this user need to received email from a different account account on her phone as well. The phone she currently is using is a  "HTC Touch Pro", only accepts one active sync account to be setup, but multiple POP 3 accounts. So, I'm trying to find out how to setup POP 3 access on our server so I can add this other account on her phone.
The reason for setting it up this way, is that it is very important that when she replies to the emails received from to this account.  the reply address is the original address to where this email was sent.
I hope this makes sense.
Please let me know if there is additional information needed.


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can enable POP3 by changing the service from Manual (or disabled) to Automatic start type.  Then make sure there is no hardware or software firewall blocking port 110 and that port 110 is appropriately mapped to your server (as port 25 and 80 among others should be).
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I don't recall the EXACT Exchange service name, but it's got a name similar to the other Exchange services only it clearly states POP3 somewhere in it.  (oh, and when you change it's state, you'll need to start it too - or reboot the server... but simply starting it should be sufficient.
res00f0j2Author Commented:

Do you mean that all I have to do is start the service? That's all?
Also the services I see that might be the ones are the following:
Microsoft Connector for POP 3 Mailboxes       Status:Disabled
Microsoft Exchange POP 3    Status: Started   Type: Automatic

Are these them or are there other services that I need to enable?

Thanks for your fast response!

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Exchange 2003 SBS should have a pop3 connector for getting pop3 email into exchange.
The shortest time between two connections is 30 minutes.
Excange 2003 doesn't have the option of receiving pop3 mail....Only the sbs version...
res00f0j2Author Commented:
Software onbekend

I'm not trying to receive POP3 email into the account. I just simply want to use the phone to receive the email from the other account on our server. Kinda like, someone receiving email their exchange email at home when they don't have outlook. I know there is a way to add the account into your email software just like a regular POP3 email account.

res00f0j2Author Commented:
I also don't want it forwarded, because when you reply to the email messages. the response will have the wrong email account. i.e. the users personal email address instead of the one at the office.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sorry, forgot about the pop3 connector - you DO NOT NEED IT running.  Leave it off.  the appropriate pop3 service, based on your previous post IS running.  Just make sure the port 110 is open and appropriately forwarded.

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res00f0j2Author Commented:
I am testing the process on my phone. I am now able to receive mail to my phone using the POP3 account I setup on my phone. But, I'm unable to send. when I setup the outgoing mail server on my phone, I get a ""Your outgoing server response: null"
any suggestions?

Sending from the phone depending on phone provider may need the server of the phone company's email. eg Australia's Telstra mobiles need outgoing set to (Telstra's internet arm)
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