ComboFix vs malwarebytes?

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which is better to use- do you prefer one over the other based on situations?

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try both of them and find out .... i prefer malwarebytes
I prefer Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware too. If you're not really familiar with Combofix, I would suggest that you use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Combofix is a very good tool though to use.
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I definitely prefer Malwarebytes.  It fixed a problem nobody else even saw.
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I would say use both.  You will get the best results scanning in safe mode, just something to keep in mind.
I also use both.  Combofix is awesome at detecting rootkits.  Malwarebytes can too but it has missed some for me.  

I do a lot of remote support and often I use which uses VNC or  I can run and update Malwarebytes remotely no problem.  Combofix kills my remote session.  I have to have the client on the phone finish the scan when this happens.  For this reason, I use ComboFix as a last resort.
i use number of tools for cleaning PC.
ATF-Cleaner by Atribune
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
diskcleaner (wisecleaner)
Linux Rescue Bootable CD
Stelian StanIT Services Manager
Be careful with combofix
Mbam (malwarebytes) most likely will solve the infection

I will use the combofix as the last resort. Here is a tutorial on how to use combofix:
Malwarebytes is certainly more user friendly.  Combofix although good, requires a little more technical expertise and should generally not be used without advice from an expert (unless you are one).


Thanks very much for your feedback on the products.

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