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I am using a standard <a href> to link from my webpage to a directions page on Google like this:,+6325+Presidential+Court,+FL&daddr=8359%20Beacon%20Blvd.+Fort%20Myers+FL+33912&hl=en&ie=UTF8&layer=c&pw=2

Two Questions:

1.)  How do I have the map print by default instead of requiring a checkbox, i assume its a switch I can add in the URL?

2.)  How do I include some default notes in the notes section on the google print page.  I am guessing I can somehow include some text here by passing it in my URL.  How do I do that?
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Google changed the API last summer, and you can now embed Google Static Maps in your own web pages.  Please see this article for examples of the new ways to create and retrieve map images.

My thinking is that you could ask Google to draw the static map and use your URL to produce the written directions.

HTH, ~Ray


Thanks Ray!

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