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I want to add a variable dim'd as a SINGLE to a specific time and have it return the subsequent time. It needs be able to handle fractions of an  hour.

For example, Add 1.5 hours to 9:00 AM and return 10:30 AM.

This should be simple, but I'm screwing it up. I'm using all variables to do this, like so:
Dim snglDuration as Single
Dim dStartTime, dEndTime as Date

dEndTime = Format(dateadd("h", snglDuration, dStartTime), "hh:mm AMPM")

it returns dEndTime = 10:00 AM

It's not recognizing the .5 of an hour... do I have to do this in minutes and convert?

Also, does it matter that I Dim like this:
Dim dStartTime, dEndTime as Date

instead of like this:
Dim dStartTime as Date, dEndTime as Date

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why dont you convert to minutes then do dateadd on minutes?
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eg to add 1.5 hours

    Dim dEndTime As Date
    Dim dStartTime As Date
    Dim snglDuration As Single
    snglDuration = 90
    dStartTime = Now
    dEndTime = DateAdd("n", snglDuration, dStartTime)
    MsgBox dStartTime & vbCrLf & dEndTime

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if you have the time in hours only, you could multiply it by 60
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The second argument of DateAdd is treated as an integer. In the Help text it is described as the number of intervals to be added to the date variable.

You could do a simple addition:

dEndTime =  dStartTime + snglDuration/24
1.5 hours can also be represented at 1/16 of a day.

dEndTime =  dStartTime + 1/16

Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Load()
   Dim dateStart As Date
   Dim dateEnd As Date
   dateStart = Date + TimeSerial(10, 0, 0)
   dateEnd = dateStart + 1 / 16
   MsgBox dateStart & vbCrLf & dateEnd
End Sub

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Thanks, guys!

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