Send to Onenote 2010 Printer Offline and "Port" is removed upon reboot.

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Office Version:Office 2010
Operating System:Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit
Lenovo X201 Tablet Core i7 4GB Ram

We are using Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 32 bit on a Windows 7 Professional, 32 bit Lenovo X201 Tablet computer with 4gb of RAM. At first the problem we had was when doing a "Print" to Onenote the print would come in all black. I did some forum searches and found that the fix was to uninstall the DisplayPort driver for the USB Port Replicator. Then we had problems with the Click to Run and Lenovo's Q drive, so I then uninstalled the click to run version of Office and installed the MSI setup.

Upon completion of installing the Office Suite, send to Onenote worked fine until we rebooted the computer. It then went to "offline" and would not turn on. Some more forum searches suggested that we remove the printer and do a "repair" of Office. After completing that, and rebooting the computer, the printer was back but still "offline". When I went into the Printer Properties, I noticed that the Local Port (on other installations says "Nul:") was not there and there was no box checked for the Send to Onenote Printer. I created a Nul: Local Port and Send to Onenote worked fine until the next reboot. I then thought maybe the Port name was conflicting, I searched all the other printers and none of them was using Nul: or said "Send to Onenote" in any of their properties. I created a new Port and called it Onenote instead of Null, and again it worked fine until the next reboot.

The next approach I took was uninstalling Office completely, searching the registry for anything that said Onenote and deleting it. After it was done I rebooted the machine, installed Office and it worked great until the next reboot. I am out of options and require assistance. If anybody has any ideas I would be open to suggestions.

P.S. This is our President's laptop so it may take a day or two to get enough free time available to attempt anything on it. (We can not simply wipe the computer and start from scratch, so that is out of the question.)
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How are you doing?

Did you try any of the following:

Are the files stored locally or on a network drive?

See this:

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We have tried a repair and tried rebuilding the printer from scratch and it wroks until: We reboot, we have the same problem with the printer going offline and the port dissappearing under Printer Properties and Ports. The files are not in use over the network, and I wish we had the problem of it running slow and not printing at all. I found a hotfix for Windows 7 with printer ports dissappearing on boot, I am waiting feedback currently on how that went.

I gave up on waiting for a solution and we restored the machine back to factory default.

I recommend not using the Click to Run version of Office.


Nobody was able to assist in fixing the problem, even Microsoft Support. We gave up and restored the machine back to factory default. This fixed the issue, but was not the ideal solution.

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