Vista, rdp reboot and wifi logging in problems

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I'm having a bit of a problem with one of the PCs I have to support remotely.

It's running Vista Business on a SBS 2008 network but as this machine is in the basement, it's connected by wifi (Netgear WNA1100 USB dongle).

I  usually log in via remote desktop but if the PC requires a reboot, I end up in trouble because the wifi will only connects after logging in which of course results in a catch 22 situation where I can't login because I have no wifi and I can't have wifi because I can't log in.

Is this expected behaviour and is there a way to force the wifi to connect before logging in, not after?

Would something like logmein get around this probelm?

Currently, I've had to setup an autologin to get around the problem but I'm not liking that for security reasons.
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A way to do it would be to buy a WIFI bridge/repeater.

The wifi bridge is always connected to your wifi network signal (you can configure it via a http menu like a wifi router) and transmit the signal to you pc by a regular RJ45 wire. This way your pc will be connected even on the login screen.
Concur - commonly, these are also called "Gaming Adapters" in the marketplace, in my experience Negear's models are typically the best performers.

However, one item to check:

     Remove any Netgear WiFi software and allow Windows to manage the wireless connection.Once the Wireless Zero Connection (WZC) service is being used, it should connect before logon.


I had a quick go at uninstalling the netgear program but it uninstalled the drivers too. I'll spend some time next time looking for some Windows only drivers sometime next week on my next visit there.
The Netgear drivers should be able to be used (and probably would be best), just find the setting in the software that says "Let Windows Manage My Connection". Or if you can extract the driver files from the install, that might work too.

Good Luck!

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