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I have a workstation (XP Pro SP3) that has a manual DNS server setting.  The DNS server it was set for has gone down.  Now I can't log in at all.  I've tried with several different usernames.   At regular bootup or safe mode with networking it locks up at "Applying computer settings".

I'm sure all I have to do is change the DNS configuration but I can't log in for the life of me.  How do I fix this?

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Try booting into safe mode without networking.
Unplug the network cable and try to boot the computer.

You can add the old DNS IP to an existing DNS server assuming it is on the same segment.  Make sure to add the address to the list of listening IP's if you are not using all IP's by default.  This would fix any other clients that are using this address as well.

If you no longer need it after the client is usable again, you can remove the IP after updating the client's configuration.
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"Try booting into safe mode without networking."

I got in with that, but it didn't load the network driver and I can't change its properties.
Todd GerbertIT Consultant
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You should be able to login with the local administrator account ("Applying computer settings" should time out eventually, or as suggested boot with the network cable unplugged).
If you don't know the local administrator's password you can reset it with this tool:


Logged in instantly without the cable plugged in.  Thanks!!!

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