Why my page is prompting for credential?


I have a classic ASP site on IIS 6. A SSL certificate is applied to the site but only couple of pages uses the SSL and those pages are now prompting for credentials.

I checked the following:
1. Directory and IUSR has full control
3. In IIS is set to use anonymous access

Any direction is appreciated. Thanks,
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F IgorDeveloperCommented:
Check if the IIS configuration applies to all "applications" listed,
or check if your app is using some different security configuration.

What kind of "credentials" are prompting
(HTTP-Authentication or a certificate request?)

hackman122Author Commented:
Check if the IIS configuration applies to all "applications" listed,

Did you mean application pool? There are two application pool with same setup.

or check if your app is using some different security configuration.

I can get in with my AD account. I saw a different message with safari, it says:
To view this page, you must log in to area "www.mysite.com" on www.mysite.com:443

The site uses "Host header value" of mysite.com and has following setup under site>Properties>Advance (Web site identification):
Multiple identities for this web site
----------------------------------------------     80  
Default                80       mysite.com

Multiple SSL identities for this Web site
Default                          443

I am mentioning this because some one suggested, when it come to 80 server knows what to do and when the request comes to 443, it comes encrypted and now the server does not know what to do.
Is this a correct statement?

Does this clear anything?

Any direction is appreciated.


Use the following Header values in IIS     80   mysite.com     80  www. mysite.com     443  

2. Inherit user permission in wwwroot directory.

3. point the following DNS A records for your website

mysite.com A
www.mysite.com A

It should resolves the issue for you.
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Turn off 'use client certificate'

It's probably prompting for a client certificate.

Waiting for your update.

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