Undo Outlook AutoArchive?

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One of my users somehow got auto archiving turned on in outlook 2007.

As you know, it preserves directory structure, so he's got 40 sub folders of data copied to an archive.pst file.

When I dragged the inbox from the archive.pst to the inbox of our exchange server, it became a subfolder of inbox.

When I dragged the inbox subfolder to the root of the exchange mailbox, it renamed it to inbox1 (so I have inbox & inbox1).

It doesn't let me click / shift click multiple folders.

How can I merge the results of all the subfolder back to the exchange account, effectively "un-doing" the auto-archive?

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You could use a tool like Exmerge that allows you to copy to and from a .pst. For one user account I would simply copy the sub folders into the appropriate Inbox. If you do not know how to do this simply right click, and select move.


The right click move created "inbox1", it didn't overlay.

Is there any way without installing software?

You can't overwrite default folders like INBOX and SENT ITEMS.  So it sounds like you'll have to SELECT ALL items in Inbox in the Archive, for example, and MOVE them to the Exchange INBOX.

Alternatively, you should be able to IMPORT the new archive contents back into the Exchange mailbox, choosing the option of replace into matching folder (can't recall the exact terminology). You'll have to close out the existing archive folder first.
Correct Mike. I meant that you will have to move the sub folders and emails into the correct Inbox. You can not have two Inboxes. You will have copy the contents of it (sub folders and all), and will need to move it into the correct Inbox.


Thanks, the import did the trick!

I shared this solution with my team mates who have at various times copied subfolder contents manually.

Great tip!



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