Find Password for app in VB6 source code

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I am trying to find a password for an old VB6 app that nobody can remember the password...I have the source code.... I know this is not much information....I just need some guidance as to what type of file the password might be set in... like bas or frm or dat
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F IgorDeveloper

The .bas files are modules, functions or constants (one of them maybe the password define)
and the .frm are the program source code for each window.
IF the password is requested in a "login" window then you can check any .frm file named
login, access, or another related name.

Application Development Manager
It may not be possible to find a specific password from an application because you do not know how the application gets the password.  If you have the source code then you should see how it is looking for the password.  Without the source code you are likely stuck with few options.

1.  Decompiling....There are some tools available but not always reliable

2.  Keep guessing.

3.  Look in the system registry to see if "by chance" the developer was storing information there.

Happy Hunting :)
Brook BraswellApplication Development Manager


if you have source code...
Then step through it or do a search for a phrase such as "Pass" or "PW"
Menu->Project->Project Properties->Startup Object
F9 + F8,F8,F8,F8 .......

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