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My team is looking at building a national website.

We currently use ColdFusion for all of our projects. I'm very concerned with making the pages SEO friendly. We currently use URLs like index.cfm?fuseaction=contact for most websites. I'd rather make them like site/contact/ or site/AZ/AutoParts.

I'd like to know if there are any NEW ways of using ColdFusion to be more friendly to SEO and if any particular framework works better than another.
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I use sesConverter with my FB apps.

you need to recode your urls from




and with url variables


drop sesConverter into your* and it will then parse the url back to something FB can use

I use. Once you have it down it makes it so easy. There is a free version

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if you do want to go the isapi_rewrite route check this out
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There are many uses for isapi_rewrite. Check this out.

Now if you go to other team pages from the top menu you will see for example They are the same page but a completely different URL.

isapi_rewrite passes the variable that tells the Coldfusion page what team to display.  
snobrdrtAuthor Commented:
It looks like the isapi_rewrite is what most major websites are using to be more SEO friendly. Are there any examples on the code using ColdFusion I could take a look at? the project we are working on is going to rely heavily on search.
afaik (and I haven't used it so as far isn'tvery far) you don't need to do -anything- with cf, you just write rules & regex in a config file (which is -easier- than sesConvertor unless you suck at regex ;)

the link I posted to has examples

#Convert SES URLs to standard URLs before passing them to ColdFusion
RewriteRule (.*?\.cfm)(\?[^/]*)?/([^/]*)/([^/]*)(.+?)? $1(?2$2&:\?)$3=$4?5$5: [N,I]

(and that's why I use sesConvertor - because I -do- suck at regex 80)
With isapi_rewrite you do nothing with CF it is all done with isapi_rewrite
snobrdrtAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the newbie questions. We usually work on INTRANET applications and do business process automation. So we've had no real reason to use any SEO rewrites.


What if I type in the example from above with UCLA and type USC instead? It pulls the USC page perfectly. Since the HTML page doesn't really exist, the isapi_rewrite does the reverse translation?
snobrdrtAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you. I'll be working with my developers to test this week.
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