Unhighlight selected text in access 2003 combobox

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Is it possible to unhiglight the entry (through vba) that appears in the textbox portion of a combobox after an item is selected?  (I know it is possible to click in the box to remove it but just trying to save the user a click)

Perhaps changing the color used to highlight?

I understand that each entry is highlighted as the mouse moves over it as a visual cue but it is rather annoying to have the entry displayed in the "textbox" portion highlighted after the item has been selected.
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Try this:

Me.YourCombo.SelStart = 0
Me.YourCombo.SelLength = 0


I tried in the on changed event for the combo box but no luck

Perhaps I should try somewhere else?
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it should work on the change event, I gave it a test for another event and it didnt work - this for the afterupdate event. so tested change event and it worked.

place a msgbox in your change event

msgbox "Hello"

so if it comes up then you know if the event has kicked in or not

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