Unable to create the folder 'new folder' The system cannot find the file specified

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I have a peculiar issue with terminal server users.
They can not create folders within their redirected desktops.

However, logging the user on to a workstation directly, folder creation on the desktop is fine.

The desktops are definitely being redirected in terminal services and on the workstations as the setting is applied via GPO to the user accounts, I have also checked the properties of items on the desktop to check the location.

The users are the ntfs owners of their redirected desktop folders.
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Justin OwensITIL Problem Manager

I know this may seem a silly question, but have you verified that the redirected desktops on the TS server and Workstation are the same ones?  Create a folder on the Workstation desktop and see if it shows up on the TS desktop at next logon.
Hi DrUtlimata,
Yes i confrimed both desktops are in the same location by doing just that.

I have resolved this issue now.
Oddly, disabling access-enumeration on the share containing users folders fixed it.
Justin OwensITIL Problem Manager

That is an odd resolution.  It should not have had an effect at all...


Yes, very bizarre. But as soon as I disabled it on the share, folder creation works fine! Odd that it only affected our terminal services server!

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