Automate submission of Excel-based credit card activity report to SharePoint 2007

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I need to automate a submission of business credit card activity reports from multiple users to the accounting department. There is an Excel file from the credit card company with multiple lines for various purchases. Users need to fill out the budget line column and submit this to the accounting.
I am trying to find a way how to allow them to achieve this in SharePoint 2007 Enterprise.
The way I envision it is that they open some form (Infopath, SharePoint list, web form etc.), paste the records from the Excel file, fill out the budget lines using the predefined values and, optionally, identify the person who they are doing it for (assistants for their bosses).
One of the challenges to this process is that for what the accounting department considers a one record (monthly statement), there are multiple transactions, so, ideally, it has to be a relational database where all of this is going to be saved.
Next challenge is the approval process  but it should be the next step.

Thanks for any ideas!
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The simple solution it is put excel files in sharepoint library and automatticaly start workflow.
But as i understand this is private secured information. User can see only excel file with his/her transactions, yes?
In that case need change permissions for every file after publishing and in workflow need set user which must approve transactions.

The right way is pull all transactions into relational database. and use infopath to extract data for period and logged user. But this is big application.


Thanks for the reply.
I was thinking of creating a set of folders, starting with a username, then year, then 12 folders with the billing cycles, and having a list where they paste the info from their Excel reports, fill out the budget lines from the predefined values but this does not look very elegant, not to mention that it appears that I have to create all folders manually.
What kind of workflow do you have in mind?
How would you notify the accounting department without sending (using the default notification options) them multiple emails about each list line changed if they need almost instant notification (using the default notification options).

Another question. Within Infopath, is it possible to paste data from Excel?
Workflow you can use to send email to accounting stuff or create task for report approval on sharepoint site
When you using Infopath form you can fill scope of lines and all of them will be saved in one sharepoint list item. And this item will store information for one billing period (month as i understood) This is your point for accounting stuff notification.
You can paste scope of lines from Excel to Infopath form. But before you need create required amount of lines by clicking "Insert line" button in table control

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I will  try to create a form based on your advice (table-lines)
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I agree even though it is not an expected answer.

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