Exchange 2010: Shared mailbox in OWA simultaneously with original mailbox?

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I just installed Exchange 2010 and am wondering what I should be looking for. I hope you can help me by letting me describe what I wan't - although I'm not even sure if this is possible.

I want all employees to be able to log into their own mailbox on OWA, but I want all of the employees to also have access to a shared mailbox without having to relog. Kind of like in Outlook when you:

Go to the Tools menu, click Account Settings.
Select and double-click the email account you would like to change.
Click More Settings.
Select the Advanced tab.
Click Add to open another mailbox.
In the Add Mailbox box, type the name of the mailbox owner.
Click OK twice.

Doing that gives you a seconday mailbox you can see simutaneously with your original. Is that possible in owa 2010? I know you can open a seperate mailbox by clicking at the top right, but that opens in a new window unfortunately.

I know I could get similar functionality by making a distribution group instead, but storage wise this is very bad having a single email getting stored x20 on each members mailbox which is why I ask this question. Thanks in advance!
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What is the reason for the shared mailbox?  Only reason I  ask is there is probably a better way to share the data to all users other than a shared mailbox like public folders, RSS feeds, shared folders/contacts/calendars or something.  

That said ... if they right click on their own mailbox and they will have the option to select "Open Other Users Inbox".  As long as they have the correct permissions to that mailbox they will not have to authenticate again.

AkhaterSolutions Architect
No sorry auto mapping will not (yet?) work in OWA however you might be interested to know it works with outlook
As mooodiecr said, This will need to be done each time users log on to owa,

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I don't get how countless amounts of books have been written about Exchange and how advanced it can be, but simple tasks as effectively managing a shared email address is not possible. Oh well, I will probably go with the distribution group method although then employees can't see if an email has been answered or not by one of their colleagues.
AkhaterSolutions Architect
although I don't like Public folders and they are being sent out of life cycle but it looks just what you are looking for


Allright, I will definitely give it a go. I appreciate the input from everyone!

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