The MAPI Spooler has shut down unexpectedly.


This morning I opened my Outlook 2010 on window xp sp3 on an exchange 2010 box, didn't reboot last night, and all of a sudden I'm getting:

"The MAPI Spooler has shut down unexpectedly.  Close all mail-enabled applications before attempting to log on again."

The only thing I can find after extensive searching is for old stuff using OL97/2000 etc, and using pst.

I am not using cached mode on exchange and have no pst usage on my account.
I have nothing in my outbox as I've read sometimes that has caused this in the past.

So far, I have had no problems sending or receiving email in my outlook.  It looks to only be an annoyance so far and since as far as I know, it's only happening to me, I can deal with it for now.  But it could become a major problem if a staff member gets it.

I've run repair on my office 2010, removed my profile and re-added it and nothing seems to make this go away.

I even logged in as administrator on my pc to have a fresh windows profile, added my exchange account to outlook, and it happened again!  

I did log in to a remote box I have and the problem didn't occur on the once test I did, so I'm guessing it's something isolated to my computer.

I look forward to any responses since I've found not one person out there that this has happened to on 2010 software.

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jpiletAuthor Commented:
Solved it myself.

It's the iTunes connectors add-in's in Outlook 2010.

Once I disabled "iTunes Outlook Addin" and "Outlook Change Notifier" add-ins, the problem went away.

I hate when I get to my wits end, post the question on here, then figure it out anyway.  lol
Feel free to close the question.

next time just try outlook /safe  and if that works then do outlook /noextensions which pretty much narrows it down to a 3rd party add-in, then untick the add-ins 1 by 1 till the problem goes away.

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Thanks for the points, even though you solved it yourself :-)
jpiletAuthor Commented:
No problem.  Your advice was exactly what I eventually figured out on my own.

That /safe switch helped me figure it out and since I didn't mention it, points to you :).
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