help getting Xserver and VNC server running on Solaris 10 after power issue

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Recently had a power failure and our Xterm and Vnc server seem to have stopped working I only have telnet access to box at the moment.
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Have you try to reboot the box?
you can try:
svcadm restart inetd
to see if it work.
If not manually start the Xserver (dtlogin), see the following doc:
then restart the VNC server.
If your VNC is not in SMF, have a look at the following doc to fix it: 


I have the java console back up and running but VNC is still hosed.

I think this is using the Sun VNC software as it is located in /opt/sfw/vnc

when I try connecting to the server with realvnc   ipaddress:1.0  I get connection refused

Turned out there was an extra entry in the Xservers file that was overiding the VNC entry that was there.

Thanks for trying.

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