label printers to filemaker?

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Im looking for a label printer for a filemaker solution. The idea is to be able to print one (1) address label a time. My question is if there are any concerns to be consider before chosing a printer.

I have been looking at Dymo and Brother printers.  Not to expensive.
Do anyone now if the will be fully controlled from filemaker without any manual hands-on every time I want to print one or maybe two labels.

It seems to be concerns about small label printera attached to filemaker solutions…
Experience about these thing skould be appreciated
Any recommendations?


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I have had the same issue of printing labels.  I used a Dymo printer to print labels for Folders.  Very nice, but cost per is rather high.

Avery works great if you are using 15 or so, but not so good for just one or two. (I usually flip the sides around so waste is reduced.  You can also change the prining order and in some cases that works well.

On Com 10 envelopes I always print directly from Filemaker (no label at all, looks much nicer).

Hope that helps!

I have a multi-platform system with a large user base who all use the DYMO to print single labels.  

You need to take care when setting up the label layout as Macs and PCs render the label output slightly differently (PCs make it slightly larger, so keep things a little bit away from the edges).  

The DYMO printer is working great for all my users, but the PC users need to set the label size in the print dialogue for the first label they print in each database session (every label thereafter *should* remember the label size).  You can set the print settings in the Print Setup script step (printer name, label size, etc), but this is only carried forward to Macs (PCs ignore it).  Also, your PC users will need to have the DYMO set as the default printer on their machine, otherwise they'll have to select the DYMO to print to each time as well (not an issue for Mac users).

All in all the DYMO gets the job done, but it is more geared towards the Mac than the PC.



I will maybe try DYMO printers.
But is it the same when using Brother. Which seems to have models including RJ-45 network connection. For example P-TOUCH 9800PCN. Will it work the same way?

DYMO printers can also be networked.  I have no experience with the Brother brand of label printer.

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