Office Professional Plus 2010 from EBay

  Here is the deal. I was very leery about doing it but ordered two copies of Office Professional 2010 from EBay at $129 per copy. Advertised as 100% Genuine Microsoft. I felt even worse about it when the ad said it would ship from Canada and it actiall shipped from Bejing. I resell and even from distributors like Tech Data or Ingram it is a $300 package. I am a firm believer in if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. But...

   I got the software today. Box. Retail with DVD and COA. The first thing I did was go to Microsoft's web page to download a "backup" copy of the software. I type in the product key and if failed. I had previously downloaded Office Professional 2010 from Microsoft's web page so I fired it up, started the installation, entered the product key and it to came back telling me it was an invalid product key. Looks like my suspicions of it being counterfeit were true but....

   I broke down and decided to install it from the DVD that came in the box. Up popped "Office Professional Ples 2010". Nothing on the box said anything about it being "Plus" nor did anything on the DVD itself. I typed in the product key and in installed. I than opened up Word and got the "activate now". It activated over the internet. Next step was Windows Update and it did updates for Office Professional 2010.

   I am still of the mind set that no one sells a $300 package for $129 but it installed, activated and updated. I guess I still am leery about two things:

1) As mentioned the word "Plus" did not appear anywhere on the box or the DVD
2) Microsoft's Office validation web page said any version after 2007 doesn't need to be valdated

   I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth but has anyone else done this and/or have any input? I really have no want or desire to start pushing counterfeit software. I like my life. Out of jail :)
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In terms of Office 2010, the three main versions available in retail are Home & Student, Home & Small Business, and, Professional.   Office Professional Plus is availabe only through volume licensing, so if it is being sold as a stand-alone retail product, your suspicions about it being counterfeit are likely true.  My recommendation would be to refrain from re-selling this product.

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You should be fine, if the software activated, I am sure Microsoft approved the serial number.  If it failed to activate or was a counterfeit, you would of had a message box telling you that during the Internet activation process.  Even if you didn't see that message, your copy of Office will expire in 30 days and you will get a popup to activate or call Microsoft.  Remember, Ebay should be responsible for this, they are the ones letting this be a valid transaction in the first place.  I am not a lawyer but I think you are OK.
If you legitimately bought the item and can prove that you believed it to be genuine then you can get a replacement copy from Microsoft free of charge.

Try the following link for more information:

Alternately create a dispute on eBay and get your money back that way.
(Not sure but it may be illegal for you to return the software as it would count as supplying counterfeit goods...someone would have to look that up.)
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