Excel Chart - multi attribute

How does one create a chart for multi attribute ?

I have three company and I am comparing them with two attributes. I want a chart (bubbel/scatter?) not really sure what kind.

Company A 200,80
Company B 700,80
Company C 500,10

So the 200-700 (doesnt matter if x,y axis) would be one attribute
10-80 would be the other.

how can I do this correctly?

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Please take a look at the attached file. There are 3 sample charts that you can build to compare the data.

Hope that one helps.

Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

you can plot two numerical values with an XY chart. Arrange the data as in the attached sample, then select cells B1:C4 and click Insert - Scatter.  To label the data points with the company name, you can download the XY Chart Labeler, which is an immensely helpful tool.

If you have a third attribute, you can create a bubble chart, where the bubble size represents the numeric value of the third attribute.

Download here:http://www.appspro.com/Utilities/ChartLabeler.htm

cheers, teylyn

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sparkisAuthor Commented:

Thanks - I know how to do scatter plots. but I am still dont know how to do the following.

The X Axis needs to represent the costs
The Y Axis needs to represent the quantity

What I need is one label on the graph for Comp A with their costs right or left, and quantity up/down. So there is only one marker on the graph for the company.  I know I am not making this clear.

But i need both attributes represented together as one mark on the graph. So if X Axis was cost and Y axis is quantity I have them intersecting in the middle of the range. Not at 0.

Right now I am getting three markers for each attribute totally 6. I need three. Sorry I know this is not clear.
sparkisAuthor Commented:
got it
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