CentOS: Set service to auto start

hi All,

I recently hired a VPS.  I have everything setup as i want it.  But went the server is rebooted it doesn;t automatically start the FTP and MySQL services.  So i have to manually type;

/etc/init.d/vsftpd start;
/etc/init.d/mysqld start;

How do i configure these services to automatically start?
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Couple ways...

Look at "chkconfig" you can use this to manage service startup.. may require some modification of the init scripts..

Second way..

type "runlevel" to get what run level the server normally boots into, probably 3 or 5, you can also look at /etc/inittab.

Then, depending on the leve, go to the /etc/rc?.d directory.. so for runlevel 5 it would be /etc/rc5.d
in that directory, just link to the init script for the *S*tartup.

ln -s ../init.d/mysqld S99mysql
ln -s ../init.d/vsftpd S99vsftpd

If you would like, you can create corresponding links in runlevels to *stop* the services...  For example to kill the service when the machine is shutdown:

cd /etc/rc0.d/;ln -s ../init.d/K99mysqld

run "man init" to get more info on the runlevels at which level is "inited" when.

cd /etc/rc0.d/;ln -s ../init.d/K99mysqld

should read
cd /etc/rc0.d/;ln -s ../init.d/mysqld K01mysqld
jeremycurssell's way of doing it manually with the 'ln' commands would work, but the way to do it if the init.d scripts were properly written is:

  chkconfig --add vsftpd
  chkconfig --add mysql

  chkconfig vsftpd on
  chkconfig mysql on

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detox1978Author Commented:
I had a look at the chkconfig and both services are listed as off. How do i edit the config so they are on?
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
As TRW-Consulting told. Though he had a typo the mysql daemon is called mysqld:

chkconfig mysqld on
chkconfig vsftpd on

Will enable the service

service mysqld start
service vsftpd start

Will start daemons..


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detox1978Author Commented:
Many thanks,

I have another CentOS question about switching off cron notifications if you have time.

To stop the cron e-mail notifications just apped 2>&1 to end of the command.


P.S. You can use chkconfig --list to see what services are currently set to run.
      To start|stop a service for a run-level issue chkconfig --level <levels> <service_name> on|off
      To add a service to chkconfig issue chkconfig --add <service_name>

Hope that helps.
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