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I know there is personalized email alert in TFS 2010 for every code checkin. But is there any way I can configure this checkin alert in such a way that I will get an alert with all the files that got changed or added, at the end of the day daily after everyone checked in there code. All I need this alert to do is to inform me which files got changed or added, at the end of each day or each week.
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There really is no single way to achieve this in TFS 2010.
with the scenario mentioned above, alerts explorer won't be the way to go, as I have not seen any way to schedule them on a daily basis.
you can fine tune the alerts using Alerts explorer from the TOOLS menu , but none to that effect, mainly lock down on certain areas of the code, a certain developer or group of developers check-in history , but not consolidate a daily report of check-ins.
I can not confirm if this functionality exists or not in Alerts explorer, there could be a filter that I missed, because I am on vacation & can't easily access any of my TFS servers, but I think not.
however this information is in the TFS databases & should be readily available through SQL reporting services if you are using the MSF agile template .
If there is a daily build at end of day , an out of the box report like build status should have the info you need.
you can later on subscribe to that report using SQL reporting service , or you can learn to write your custom report to get the exact data you need from the cube, it really isn't that difficult.
I learned it myself in a couple of sessions using the below links, after your first report you will find them easy enough
Creating Reports for Team Foundation Server 2010
Customizing  Reports for Team Foundation Server 2010

this info should also be visible on the project portal if you have sharepoint functionality available in your TFS deployment.
This information should be also reachable from command line tool tf.exe by running the command tf history
example on using tf history command here 
you can also use a tool like Team foundation sidekicks to generate the History report on a daily basis,through the status sidekick, this tool is indispensable for the serious TFS admin , but I do not know of an easy way to automate this , a Macro recorder of some sort can do the clicking >send to mail  part, or you can write your own code for that purpose.

Hope this helps.

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