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In MS Word, how can I make "Ignore words in UPPERCASE" a universal or global setting on the computer?  I need it to stay in effect regardless of the user signed onto the computer.
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remake the file and copy that to the all users directory

all users from then on will get the changes
Don't think that will do it. The ignore words in uppercase is a spell-check setting, which is not stored in

If all your users log into a Windows domain, then you can use Group Policy to control this. Group Policy sounds scary, but it's not that bad. Basically, you have to download some components, then use the Group Policy Object Editor (on the server) to set various Word (and Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) options.

In Office 2010, the option you want is under Microsoft Office 2010, Global Options, Tools | Options | Spelling, Ignore words in UPPERCASE.

Here's a good starting place:

Another way to do this would be to write an AutoExec macro that sets this option, store that macro in a template, and put a copy of the template in each users Startup folder. Here's how:

If you choose the AutoExec option as suggested by lwebber, you can use this:

Sub AutoOpen()

    Options.IgnoreUppercase = True    
End Sub

Actually, AutoOpen and AutoExec are different. AutoExec fires once when Word is launched. It has to be in a template in the Startup folder. AutoOpen fires every time a document is opened, and is usually found in templates designed to create specific types of documents. If you put the Options.IgnoreUppercase command in an AutoOpen, it would drive users batty: they might want to NOT ignore uppercase while working on a particular document or group of documents. If they go in and manually set the option themselves, it would be considered rude for a secret macro to undo their efforts. It's fine to change Word's startup behavior, but don't repeatedly override a knowledgeable user's actions.
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