why doesn't Windows Mail remember contacts on new outgoing message?

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I have Vista and Windows Mail and it seems many times, when I open a new message box to send an outgoing message, I enter the letters of the user name slowly and some times it gives me choices and some times it forces me to go to my "contact" list and locate it.
Why doesn't it remember them all the time?
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It depends upon how you entered the email names and your sort order.  See this page:

Windows Mail Contacts List
I know it's not a direct answer to your question, but the very issue you bring up is one reason I went to Mozilla Thunderbird for email.  Not always perfect, but I think I have better luck pulling in contacts for new emails than I do with Outlook 2007 at work!

All the best..
I have 3 contacts and if I enter "H" for Harry, it auto brings up his e-mail address.
The other 2 are the same person and they have two names, one starts with a "K" and the other with a "G". These letters do not produce automatically.

None of the G's and K's work but the H's do.
M and A works.
I could try all the letters but as you see, some work and sone do not.
I'll play around with the settings.

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I did not enter most of them. They accumulate as people send me a message and I may or may not reply back.
My list is in alphabetical order, by the first letter in their name (or e-mail address in the case of a business)
ex: fastmoney@cnbc.com is under F.
ex: Joe Miller is under J.
When I enter the first letter of the name, I should be getting all contacts that start with that letter, but I do not on some of them.
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Unfortunately, that's how its auto-complete works. It only
remembers the last 29 recipients you've sent mail to.
I recommend you upgrade to Windows Live Mail which has
a much better auto-complete feature:

from :  http://www.vistax64.com/vista-mail/105498-autofill-compose-windows-mail.html
alot of the names in my list are one time people who won't contact me again, or me to them.

so if I delete all of those and get the total down to 29 and under, it should work.

also, I'll check the links above.
I sent myself a message and it did not remember me.
Later I sent another one, and it did.
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have fun!

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