Which Office Volume license do I need?

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Hello EE,
I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this. I have a Windows server 2008 with 3 users accessing it via RDP to carry out their day to day work, using Office 2010 Professional (it needs to be Pro as they have an Access db). What I'm trying to figure out is what volume license  I need for the Office product? The reason for this is because, when I switch the Terminal server to Application mode Office 2010 will not start, giving a message 'a volume license is require to run this product'. Strangely, Office works fine if I keep the terminal server in Admin mode however only 2 users can access the server concurrently. I've done a little research and quick honestly totally confused with the licensing thing.

Thanks in advance

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according to this you need the volume licence for Office 2010 for Remote Desktop Services/Terminal Services


the ms link on licencing http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/about-licensing/volume-licensing-briefs.aspx
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so looks best to speak to a ms reseller to clarify
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Any volume licence edition will do - The same restrriction applies to Officr 2007.
The RDP admin console (as the name suggests) is designed for admin not for day to day tasks - while office will work in this mode it does not make a good job of keeping individual settings and preferences etc. and the RDP Admin mode is restricted to THREE users, two remote and a console session (which confusingly can be remote as well)

Bear in mind that if you use ternimal services proper - which is designed for multi-user work like you describe, you will have to purchase TS Client licences as well when the grace period (180days I think), expires


Many thanks for all contributions. Rockiroads gets the points for the most useful links, although this topic is incredibly confusing for the unintiated!

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