Cannot access our website from inside our domain

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We have a SBS2008 server runnning Exchange 2007.  Our website is hosted outside by another company.  For some reason, we can no longer access our website from inside the network.  

If we attempt to browse to we get back an HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden
The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directoryServer
Error in Application "SBS WEB APPLICATIONS"

If I ping our domain (ie. ping it resolves to our local server IP address which tells me that somehow the network thinks we are hosting our own server when that is not the case.  The website works from all other locations globally so this is affecting everyone on the local network only.

I think this happened when I ran the SBS console wizard "Set up your Internet Address".  I don't really understand what that section is for since we don't host anything other than own exchange server, but I did put in the field which happens to be the same as our website address.  Could that have messed us up?

Again let me clarify that we are not hostingour won website.  It is hosted with godaddy and it is accesibble from all internet locations globally with exception to our domain.  
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Yep you messed things up. You should have put something like ourdomain.lan as the internal domain name not your external domain name.

Short of starting again, which is what I would recommend. You need to change the www entry you have in the SBS DNS to point at the correct ip address
From what I can see it is doing what it should.  I am of course making the assumption that you have an AD domain, since you said SBS.  During setup a record for the internal lan was created for the WWW address for your domain.  But in a standard AD the record for the * or blank record always points to the DC.  Check your DNS for the www record and remove it if you want that address to resolve to the outside address.  As for the entry without the there is little you can do on changing that address to point outside so from internally always include the www.
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Cheever000 - I think you are correct that this will be resolved in DNS, but I do not see anything in DNS manager with a www record.  
Viralrathos - I am not hosting my own website.  I think the server thinks I am which is why I am getting that message, but I am not hosting anything onsite.
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The set up your internet address wizard is necessary but not irreversible. You internal domain would have been set up when you did the SBS install and you cannot change that. The wizard configures your incoming services (by default no web site) such as remote web workplace, exchange, TS gateway, and more.

After the initial installation of SBS is done it is important to run both the "connect to the Internet" and the "Set up your internet address wizards". If you feel the error was in running the latter wizard simply re-run it. However, normally when running that wizard you do chose a public domain name like .com not the internal suffix like .lan or .local. Those as mentioned are done when installing SBS and cannot be changed. Details of the wizard can be found here:

By default the SBS will try to resolve anything with your domain name in it such as Mydomain.local, or Normally in a default SBS configuration you have two zones; yourdomain.local and and anything else is forwarded to your forwarder (probably your ISP). I suspect you have a third zone,   If so, in that zone create a new Host record for www (not pointing to the IP address of your web site. Then reboot the server and test.
Viral RathodConsultant

Run nslookup and check the Resolution

In case if nslookup doesn't resolve the issue then you need to create the "www" Host A record on the server DNS Forward Lookup Zone
Viral RathodConsultant

Run nslookup and check the Internal Website Resolution

In case if nslookup doesn't resolve the website then you need to create the "www" Host A record on the server DNS Forward Lookup Zone

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